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Brandon Foster Tulsa, OK – Epic Drivers President

Brandon Foster in Tulsa, OK

Brandon Foster is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native that was born and raised in the Tulsa area. Brandon Foster knows the trucking logistics industry like nobody else. With his unique leadership, experience, and strategic relationships with carriers, over the years he has assembled a team like no other to help drivers get the best possible placement for their trucking careers. Brandon Foster has created & managed freight & logistics businesses and grown teams to more than 300 team members.

Brandon Foster has a unique way of leadership by instilling a get it done attitude and his team is consistently raising the bar of customer service and hard work from the leadership of Brandon Foster.

Brandon Foster owns several highly successful companies within the trucking and logistics, oil and gas, and freight and logistics consulting solutions industries.

Brandon Foster and Nick - Tulsa, OK - Epic Drivers
Brandon Foster with Epic Drivers Team - Tulsa, OK

Nick Williams – Epic Drivers

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